SiliconIntervention Inc. Announces Issuance of Another Patent:
A High Efficiency Fractal Class-D Audio Amplifier

A new architectural approach to solving the real-world problem of maximizing efficiency of Class-D drivers over a wide range of power levels.

Kelowna, British Columbia——July 2024 SiliconIntervention today announced that its application for a patent, “Combined Class D Amplifier and Buck Regulator,” has been granted and issued by the United States Patent Office.

“As an innovative developer of advanced analog and mixed signal technology solutions, we are very excited to have yet another significant patent issued,” commented Allan Cox, CEO of SiliconIntervention. “Extending battery life in wearable audio products such as earbuds remains one of the most sought-after features for consumers as audio processing features continue to grow, and the Fractal-DTM technology is a key building block towards that goal.”

Martin Mallinson, SiliconIntervention’s Founder and Chief Scientific Officer explained that “Silicon products can leverage the advances already established using SiliconIntervention’s Class-D techniques and extend those gains automatically over a wide operating spectrum. The fractal architecture is another example of a growing product portfolio with innovative solutions for sensor domain signal processing.”

He went on further to explain that “High efficiencies realized by the Fractal-DTM architecture also have the advantage of not needing a regulator or associated components, do not need to change driving digital signal gain, or envelope prediction. Options include feedback for further gains in quality output levels while reaching an efficiency in excess of that achievable presuming a 100% efficient external Buck Regulator.”

Fractal-DTM based products utilize conventional CMOS processes, do not call for non-volatile memory, and do not demand CPU/DSP processing or unique control signals/pins.

Based on advanced sigma-delta methods that perform a precise PCM to PWM conversion, the Fractal-DTM core is a design achieving good quality performance prior to feedback as scriptable HDL achieving good performance, while feedback options are available for the most demanding applications.

About SiliconIntervention, a Canadian Company, was formed in 2019 as the result of the pioneering research and development of its founder Martin Mallinson. The Company generates revenue delivering design services and advanced analog and digital IP.

With a portfolio of over 40 patents either granted or applied for, the company has a wealth of knowhow based on the team’s experience in the industry over the last 30 years.


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