Our products and services are a direct result of applying the New Analog to real world demands.

Design services

  • The New Analog development flow is the platform that enables, fast and flexible implementation of signal chain functions.
  • This flow provides the environment for the SI team of specialized analog and mixed signal design experts .
  • With has a history of successful design dating back 30 years, in applications including aero engine control, consumer video, hifi audio, pulse oximetry, mobile medical ultrasound, wearable and hearable consumer products.
  • The design services group looks forward to challenges where analog and mixed signal design expertise and unique IP can combine in meeting tomorrow’s challenges.
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With a rich IP product and patent portfolio we invite inquiries from silicon developers who can benefit from new directions in analog design targeted at sensor domain signal processing.

We invite you to take a look at our Technology and gain insight into the possibilities for taking the next step in signal to data compression and processing:

Fractal-DTM Amplifier: SiliconIntervention applies an architectural approach to solving the real-world problem of maximizing efficiency in Class-D drivers over a wide range of power levels. This architectural approach is the basis for products with a self-determining ability to maximize efficiency over a wide range of operations.