Efficiency Breakthrough in Audio Processing

An innovative Fractal-DTM Audio Amplifier Family

Kelowna, British Columbia——July 2024 SiliconIntervention Inc. has developed a highly efficient audio amplifier family as part of its IP portfolio.

Developed using the company’s New AnalogTM platform, members of the family take advantage of a fractal architecture that forms the basis for industry leading improvements in operating efficiencies and resulting power savings.

“We have taken to heart the problem of unsustainable increases in power requirements, driven by semiconductor rich products, identified by the SIA and addressed in the recently published SRC MAPT road map and we have consistently been working to help solve this problem based on an architectural and innovative circuit design approach,” said Allan Cox, CEO at SiliconIntervention. “Increasing operating efficiency and extending battery lifetime is key to implementing future wearable products and a patented Fractal-DTM amplifier family is one contributor towards that goal.”

Martin Mallinson, CTO and Founder at SiliconIntervention commented, “While efficiencies of 80 to 90% at 1 W output levels are achievable with standard H Bridge Class-D amplifiers, the result is typically only 30 to 40% efficiency at 10 mW output levels. The Fractal-DTM architecture solves this problem and shows greatly improved efficiency at 10 mW while maintaining 90% efficiency at 1 W. This translates to a significant increase in battery life in wearable audio products such as earbuds and earphones.”

Designers can choose from a portfolio menu of optional features and build a customized solution that meets end audio product requirements.

The technology is based on standard CMOS processes and needs no special processing steps.

The adoption on-ramp, available to interested licensees and eco-system partners, includes product family descriptions, simulation results, emulation results, and a silicon-based evaluation system.

SiliconIntervention design services are available for chip design and implementation assistance including mapping to process nodes of choice.

Join the New AnalogTM initiative and learn how to extend battery life, reduce battery size, and enable increased functionality and comfort in wearable audio products.

About SiliconIntervention, a Canadian Company, was formed in 2019 as the result of the pioneering research and development of its founder Martin Mallinson. The Company generates revenue delivering design services and advanced analog and digital IP.

With a portfolio of over 40 patents either granted or applied for, the company has a wealth of knowhow based on the team’s experience in the industry over the last 30 years.



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