Multiport Memory With Analog Port Patent Issued

Kelowna, British Columbia—- July 4th, 2022 – SiliconIntervention today announced that its application for a patent, Multiport Memory With Analog Port, has been granted and issued by the United States Patent Office.

“As an innovative developer of advanced analog and mixed signal technology solutions, we are very excited to have yet another significant patent issued. It joins the company’s growing patent portfolio that forms the basis for The New Analog,” commented Allan Cox, CEO.

Martin Mallinson, SiliconIntervention’s Founder and Chief Scientific Officer explained that, “An example use case is one where the analog port functions in read only mode and a digital port acts as a write only port, which allows data in the core memory to be applied to an analog signal while a digital port accesses the core memory for rapid storage of data.”

He went on further to explain that, “A potential application of such a multiport memory is to bridge digital and analog computation and leverage the benefits of analog compute in memory. For example, this allows a digitally programmed two-port memory to derive a sum-of-products signal from analog input signals, and multiple such memories to be used in a programmable analog neural network implementing artificial intelligence functions.”

SiliconIntervention is a Canadian company that was formed in 2019 as the result of the pioneering research and development of its founder Martin Mallinson. The company generates revenue delivering design services and advanced analog and mixed signal IP.

With a portfolio of over 40 patents either granted or applied for, the company has a wealth of knowhow based on the team’s experience in the industry over the last 30 years.

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